Our creative prompt for project 26 is through the window. It is so interesting to me how different things look when there is glass between you and your subject. This seems to be the summer of dressing up for Jackson. He loves his Spiderman costume! And look at Luke giving me a smooch through the door window.  Continue through our circle of amazing photographers–your first stop is my very talented friend, Misty Setzler | Lubbock, TX Photographer.

3 Responses to “through the window.”

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  2. Gail Pomare says:

    he he he Luke’s window kiss is awesome!!!! That really made me smile.
    I love the vibrant spidey costume through the window. Jackson really does rock the spiderman persona!. Awesome stuff.

  3. Christine b says:

    so cute, totally made me smile. love the vibrant colors.

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