For our project 26 this week, we were to photograph our summer evenings. Really, is there anything better than summer nights? I love the lack of schedules, the staying up late, the popsicle eating, the swinging on swings, the going for ice cream, the catching fireflies, the pure joy of being outside and watching the sun go down. I love everything about summer nights. To continue through our circle, please visit my friend, Misty Setzler to see how she spends her summer evenings.

5 Responses to “summer nights.”

  1. Carey Pace says:

    sheer perfection, Melissa! I utterly adore each one of these. I cannot choose a favorite. I always love your images so so much. Such a classic timeless feel to them.

  2. Love ALL of these! I have never actually seen a real firefly so I think that last shot is great—someday I hope to visit somewhere in the summer to see them!

  3. These are beautiful. I love your processing and these images scream summer evenings.

  4. Gail Pomare says:

    Wait a minute? is that a firefly in the jar? I have never seen one but that is so cool if it is. Love these Melissa.. summery heaven for sure.

  5. christineb says:

    Beautiful summer images!! Perfect summer images for sure.

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