In the spirit of Halloween and all things scary, our theme for project 26 is spooky. I realize to some, spiders are not spooky, but to me they are, especially when they have decided to take up residence right outside my front door. I appreciate all that this spidey does to eliminate flies and other bugs around our home, but I just wish this eight legged creature could build a home that isn’t in my eyesight each time I open my front door.

To see more spooky things, visit my very talented friend, Allison Jacobs.

5 Responses to “spooky.”

  1. […] Joining me this week to explore the theme of spooky and getting ready for a frightfully fun Halloween is my friend Melissa Deakin | Buffalo New York Family and Childrens Photographer. […]

  2. hope says:

    love the black and whites melissa.

  3. Carey Pace says:

    Eeeek… i hate back door spiders, too. but gorgeous captures here!

  4. Gail Pomare says:

    oh wow, i would say how gorgeous, but that is because it’s not hanging out at my front door. !!! great imagery though!

  5. My husband would totally agree. He HATES spiders. These are amazing shots of the spider and the web. I love the b&w with the droplets of water. it actually looks pretty.

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