It’s time for another post in our Me & Mine series. Unfortunately, the last time around, our family was in the clutches of the stomach flu, so I had to bow out. ┬áThankfully, we are all better now and on to brighter days! For this month, I had my husband snap some photos of me with my littlest right before nap time. We were reading together in his big brother’s bed and sharing lots of giggles and goofiness.

To continue through our circle of wonderful photographers, you can begin by visiting the stunning blog and work of Jayme Franklin.

5 Responses to “Project 26 Me & Mine.”

  1. Carey Pace says:

    love love love love love!!! oh the connection. oh the joy. oh the giggles. These are amazing.

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  3. tamsen says:

    love, love, love these! they are SO sweet!

  4. aww, you two are so sweet. love the geniune laughs. just love them.

  5. Gail Pomare says:

    This is the most adorable series of yumminess known to man. I swear these will be an all time treasured set in years to come. Just beautiful!

    well done hubby!

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