For our prompt this week, we were supposed to recreate or create an album/song cover. This is such a fun thing to do. I spent hours looking for an album cover that I wanted to recreate and I kept coming back to the ‘Beibster’. It took a lot of convincing on my part to get my oldest to be willing to act like Justin Bieber…he is not a fan.  Alas, I got him to pose in his best Bieber form.

To continue through our circle of photographers and to see how they interpreted this album cover theme, you can begin by visiting the incredibly talented Lubbock, TX family photographer, Misty Setzler.

6 Responses to “Project 26: Album cover”

  1. Oh my goodness, that is perfect! Great job. I am glad your son was willing to do this for you. My kids groan now when I head at this with the camera.

  2. tamsen says:

    cool! you did a great job recreating this!

  3. hope says:

    nope. can’t even stand how talented you are!!! this is so perfect. i LOVE it. you rock at the album cover replicas!!! xoxo

  4. hope says:

    yay! figured out i can comment from work 😉

  5. celestejones says:

    I knew what this was about as soon as I saw it. Nice!

  6. Gail Pomare says:

    the boy has taste! lol. I love what you created all the same. He makes a great beibster… even if he isn’t into it… the girls are 🙂

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