Bokeh, also known as “Boke” is one of the most popular subjects in photography. The reason why it is so popular, is because Bokeh makes photographs visually appealing, forcing us to focus our attention on a particular area of the image. The word comes from Japanese language, which literally translates as “blur”.

There are many different kinds of bokeh and ways to achieve it. Our focus for our portrait group this month was to photograph someone with bokeh in the image. I decided to make a heart shape with some twinkle lights and then ‘blur’ them in the background as I photographed my three boys & dog–the loves of my love, hence the heart. Now, my husband is another love of my life, but he is not always a willing subject. 😉
i {heart} bokeh

To continue through our circle of photographers and to see their take on portraits with bokeh, you can beging by visiting the lovely and talented, Kimberly Skeen | Orange County Family Photographer

7 Responses to “Project 12 Portraits: {bokeh}”

  1. Okay, still in love with your dog. LOVE the lights in a heart shape. I think your idea turned out perfect. Your boys are so handsome!

  2. Laura Veno says:

    Oh, your boys are so handsome! I love the idea with putting the lights in a shape. So clever! Nicely done.

  3. What a great idea to make a heart Melissa! Love that you included the dog too. Your boys are too cute & these came out perfectly!!!

  4. Jessica says:

    These are just wonderful! And boy, are your little guys handsome!!

  5. Kim says:

    I love these, the heart is such a unique idea. Your boys are always so expressive!

  6. Amber Norris says:

    Great job on these. I like how the lights are in the shape of a heart. My favorite is the last one of the doggie. So cute!

  7. cblayloc says:

    I love the simplicity of your work Melissa! You inspire me. These are so beautiful.

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