This new year I am embarking on a journey with a group of incredible photographers. Each month, we are taking portraits while focusing on a different theme each time. This first go around our focus was to take portraits in low light situations using natural window light. I photographed two of my boys on different days using my front door as the light source. In these winter months when the light is so fleeting, it was fun to try this out.

To continue through our circle of photographers, begin by visiting my sweet and very talented friend, Jessica Holden.

5 Responses to “Portraits 12 {Window Light}”

  1. OMG! A bow tie? I am dying. That is so cute! Your boys’ brown eyes are gorgeous! Perfect light.

  2. Love those soft tones Melissa along with some textbook catch lights from the doorway! Just simply beautiful! I am so excited to be doing this project with you! xoxo

  3. Jessica says:

    Oh, Melissa, these are wonderful! Your boys are just darling–love his expressions in the first two, and the second two are just delightful! Can’t wait to see what else you do this year!!

  4. […] This month our theme is window light. Please visit the blog of Williamsville, NY photographer Melissa Deakin to view her beautiful window light […]

  5. Kim says:

    Your boys are adorable! I love these, their expressions (and that tie!) are perfect. Your front door light makes for beautiful catch lights.

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