This is something I have wanted to do forever. As the photographer in the family, it never seems that we are all together for any photos. But, this me & mine project helped me to change that. Our sweet neighbor who is going off to college soon to study photography took some photos for me last night. And of course, it involved drama and frustration and children misbehaving, but these photos are priceless to me. I love how Jackson and Sean are laughing in so many of the photos. The old saying, ‘other things may change us, but we start and end with family’ is definitely true.

To continue through our circle of photographers, you can begin by visiting by dear friend and incredibly talented photographer, Jules TrandemĀ | San Diego Family Photographer.

6 Responses to “me & mine july 2012.”

  1. Hope says:

    Was so hoping to see more of these. Lovely family and timeless images

  2. tamsen says:

    these are adorable! my fave is the one of you with the littlest dude on the fence- so cute! and you look great!

  3. Ginger says:

    What a wonderful gift!! Love these!

  4. celestejones says:

    i love everything about these. the interaction, your beautiful family, and your processing.

  5. christineb says:

    awww, these are adorable! I love these. I adore the one of you and your little man on the fence.

  6. Megan Lilley says:

    Love seeing pics of your family! Gorgeous!

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