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me & mine.

November 8, 2012

I am in some photos! Yay! Luke and Sean had a great time being the photographers this time around and I loved having the opportunity to be in the photos with these three loves of my life. I am richly blessed and so thankful for my three healthy boys that bring so much joy and chaos to my life.  To continue through our fabulous circle of photographers, please visit my very talented friend Wilmington, Delaware Children’s Photographer, Celeste Jones. She is an amazing film photographer. I adore her work and know you will too!


October 25, 2012

In the spirit of Halloween and all things scary, our theme for project 26 is spooky. I realize to some, spiders are not spooky, but to me they are, especially when they have decided to take up residence right outside my front door. I appreciate all that this spidey does to eliminate flies and other bugs around our home, but I just wish this eight legged creature could build a home that isn’t in my eyesight each time I open my front door.

To see more spooky things, visit my very talented friend, Allison Jacobs.


October 16, 2012

What an honor to photograph this beautiful high school senior. She radiates such beauty and kindness. I had the pleasure of photographing her big sister just a few years ago and it was so great to have her join us on our shoot. We dodged lots of rain drops and drove towards the sun, but it is totally worth it and so much fun!


August 30, 2012

The word strength is our prompt for Project 26.  I decided to take a humorous route and photograph Jack becoming Superman with all of his amazing strength.

To continue through our circle of photographers, you can begin by visiting the site of my amazingly talented friend, Allison Jacobs.

through the window.

August 2, 2012

Our creative prompt for project 26 is through the window. It is so interesting to me how different things look when there is glass between you and your subject. This seems to be the summer of dressing up for Jackson. He loves his Spiderman costume! And look at Luke giving me a smooch through the door window.  Continue through our circle of amazing photographers–your first stop is my very talented friend, Misty Setzler | Lubbock, TX Photographer.

For our prompt this week, we were supposed to recreate or create an album/song cover. This is such a fun thing to do. I spent hours looking for an album cover that I wanted to recreate and I kept coming back to the ‘Beibster’. It took a lot of convincing on my part to get my oldest to be willing to act like Justin Bieber…he is not a fan.  Alas, I got him to pose in his best Bieber form.

To continue through our circle of photographers and to see how they interpreted this album cover theme, you can begin by visiting the incredibly talented Lubbock, TX family photographer, Misty Setzler.

Can it really be one year since I joined the other fabulous photographers and embarked on a weekly theme to photograph? It really is remarkable to me that one year ago, I took a self-portrait with my 2-year old Jack in our master bath and just today I snapped the same photo. What a difference a year makes…I think I am better with my white balance; the days of onesies are gone; my hair is longer; I am better at removing clutter before taking a self-portrait in the bathroom ;). But despite those differences, I still love to snuggle with this little man; he is still home with me (no school yet); and above all, I remain richly blessed.

And now, for one final blog rotation, you can begin by visiting the fabulous, Chrissy, of My Lily Rose, a Cincinnati Family & Child Photographer and see the self-portrait she took. Finally, thanks to all of my fellow photographers for this amazing journey we have been on together for the last year.

We all love having the tree up and the special glow it puts into the holidays.

My boys have always wanted to decorate outside with multi-colored lights for Christmas and I have always preferred white lights for their simplicity. This year, they won and they are so happy. That makes me happy too!

One of my most favorite days is when Starbucks brings out the red cups to ring in the holiday season. In my humble opinion, November 1st is a bit early for the red cups, but they do make me smile and that is really all that matters.  I am off to get today’s coffee.  Have a good one!