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williamsville, ny child photographer

This go-around, our photography group challenged ourselves to do an editorial photo shoot. An editorial shoot is what you see in magazines for fashion, features, etc. I have always loved photographing my children with my collection of vintage cameras. Come to think of it, I probably have enough photos with this theme to make an entire book.  {Might just have to do that!} So I bribed my youngest to get dressed up for this shoot and paired him with some favorite cameras. We both had lots of fun and I know these photos are going to be cherished favorites. To continue through our circle of photographers, you can begin by visiting my very talented friend, Laura Veno | Texas Children’s Photographer.

williamsville, ny portrait photographer


There is an old English proverb that states, ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’ and this has always been a favorite quote of mine. As a photographer, I am always looking at people’s eyes and if you really take the time to look, you can tell so much about a person from their eyes. I am thrilled to once again spend 2014 with an amazing group of women and fellow photographers as we challenge ourselves to try a new portrait theme each month. As noted in this blog post’s title, our theme for February is soulful portraits. I am so thankful for this project because it inspires me to take photos of my children that might otherwise pass me by. I will definitely cherish these soulful images of them.

To continue to be inspired by soulful portraits, you can continue through our circle by visiting the very talented, Cassandra O’Leary.

“Magic is something you make.”

Autumn is a magical time with nature’s colorful beauty all around us. Our photography circle’s theme this month was to purposely blur our subject. As photographers, we strive for sharp, in-focus images so it was challenging and fun to think out of the box for this theme. I spray painted some leaves gold and used them as the starting off point for my blurred images.

blog blurred lines

blog blurred one

To continue through our circle of photographers, please begin by visiting my talented friend, Allison Jacobs | Orange, County California Photographer. She is always so inspiring!

Our challenge for this month’s portrait session was to select a creative location and include a pullback. A pullback essentially means you ‘pull back’ by physically moving to show more of the setting and surroundings of the session–giving an overview of what of the rest of the location looked like. The location I chose isn’t necessarily ‘creative’ but it is a favorite place for me and my family.  These images were taken at Spaulding Lake which is a private lake in my in-law’s neighborhood. We spend lots of time here; my boys love to fish and swim in the lake, so it a favorite summer spot for us.

Portrait Project with Pullback

I wanted a timeless image of my youngest with our sweet dog, Maisy. I know I will treasure these! Please continue through our circle of photographers to see other creative locations and the pullbacks for each. You can begin my visiting my very talented friend, Suzanne Carey | Hattiesburg, MS Photographer. Her work is always so inspiring!

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This month, our circle of photographers focused on portraits taken with backlighting and sun flare. When the subject is backlit, the photographer is shooting into the sun and this often creates sun flare. I adore sun flare and backlighting that occurs at the golden hour just before sunset.

Life with my boys is so busy right now with spring sports, so these photos were taken just minutes before the sun went down. We were chasing the sun and had a great time doing it. To continue through our beautiful circle of photographers, you can begin by visiting my dear friend and amazing photographer, Christine Blaylock. Her images are always so inspiring.

As a natural light photographer, I am always on the look out for ideal lighting situations to shoot in. And, who would think that the garage is one such place? For our project 12 portraits, we challenged ourselves to use garage light this month.

 garage light blogpost 2

Surprisingly, when my subject was facing me and my back was to the light source, it was too bright for him–all I got was lots of squinting and watery eyes. Therefore, we moved around a bit so the light is a bit more directional than I would have liked coming in from the right side. But, since I have to utilize my subject when he is a willing participant, we just rotated until he was able to give me that sweet smile that I adore.

To see how the other photographers in our group captured garage light portraits, begin my visiting my very talented friend who is always so inspiring, Krista Keller, Danville, CA child, family and senior photographer.

It’s time for our blog circle’s portrait project. This month we are focusing on narrative portraiture. Basically that means the images tell about the subject–who he/she is. These images are of my youngest who I’m sad to say just turned 4. Seriously, I just brought him home from the hospital and gave him his first sponge bath and now he is 4?!! How is that possible? Well, these images convey that he is a boy through and through. He loves to play dress up, hence the crown and glasses and he loves all things boy, namely, dinosaurs, superheroes, trucks, cars, etc. He is one of my greatest achievements and I thank the Lord that He chose me to be his mother.

Now, you don’t want to miss out on the other photographers and their narrative images. You can begin by visiting my friend and very talented photographer, Jessica Holden of Jessica Holden Photography. I know you will be inspired!

Portraits 12 {Window Light}

January 17, 2013

This new year I am embarking on a journey with a group of incredible photographers. Each month, we are taking portraits while focusing on a different theme each time. This first go around our focus was to take portraits in low light situations using natural window light. I photographed two of my boys on different days using my front door as the light source. In these winter months when the light is so fleeting, it was fun to try this out.

To continue through our circle of photographers, begin by visiting my sweet and very talented friend, Jessica Holden.