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me & mine july 2012.

July 19, 2012

This is something I have wanted to do forever. As the photographer in the family, it never seems that we are all together for any photos. But, this me & mine project helped me to change that. Our sweet neighbor who is going off to college soon to study photography took some photos for me last night. And of course, it involved drama and frustration and children misbehaving, but these photos are priceless to me. I love how Jackson and Sean are laughing in so many of the photos. The old saying, ‘other things may change us, but we start and end with family’ is definitely true.

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summer nights.

July 5, 2012

For our project 26 this week, we were to photograph our summer evenings. Really, is there anything better than summer nights? I love the lack of schedules, the staying up late, the popsicle eating, the swinging on swings, the going for ice cream, the catching fireflies, the pure joy of being outside and watching the sun go down. I love everything about summer nights. To continue through our circle, please visit my friend, Misty Setzler to see how she spends her summer evenings.

on display

June 7, 2012

For Project 26, our theme was to photograph displays. This word could be interpreted in numerous ways. I decided to photograph a few of my photo displays in my home. I realize I am not an interior decorating photographer–something I definitely need to work on. But, I am always changing the photos that are displayed throughout my home; ’tis one of the perks of being a photographer.

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Me & Mine May edition

May 24, 2012

I wanted to capture this conversation…love it!

Our circle of photographers continues with my friend, Misty Setzler.

For our prompt this week, we were supposed to recreate or create an album/song cover. This is such a fun thing to do. I spent hours looking for an album cover that I wanted to recreate and I kept coming back to the ‘Beibster’. It took a lot of convincing on my part to get my oldest to be willing to act like Justin Bieber…he is not a fan.  Alas, I got him to pose in his best Bieber form.

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April 26, 2012

Our life is made up of moments. Some motherhood moments are so fleeting…the early days with a newborn, the milestones, the continuous (and rapid) growth of our children, etc.

I want to savor these moments when my children’s arms are wrapped around me.

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Project 26 Me & Mine.

March 29, 2012

It’s time for another post in our Me & Mine series. Unfortunately, the last time around, our family was in the clutches of the stomach flu, so I had to bow out.  Thankfully, we are all better now and on to brighter days! For this month, I had my husband snap some photos of me with my littlest right before nap time. We were reading together in his big brother’s bed and sharing lots of giggles and goofiness.

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Since it has been largely overcast and cloudy here, I was doubtful as to what I was going to be able to find for our theme of morning light, but then I got lucky today and had the sun streaming into our kitchen. As dogs love to do, Maisy found the patch of light in the kitchen and basked in the warmth. My little boy, Jack, enjoyed the sunshine as he ate his Trix cereal.

It is always amazing to me how much the sun makes me feel more energized and invigorated. After winter, days like this are true treasures!

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It’s another addition to our project 26 and this time our theme was story. I had great aspirations of photographing a story…lots of props, etc….but time got the best of me and so I settled for photographing one of my most favorite people in the world reading a story. His fake glasses crack me up; he reminds me of  Carl Fredricksen from the movie Up. Ultimately, I believe that every photograph tells a story.

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So, this round for our project 26, we are taking photos with ourselves in them again, instead of behind the lens. Last month, I was photographed with my youngest, so this time around, I made sure to include the two older boys with me. Once again, I enlisted the help of my babysitter to take these photos. I set everything up and was happy to hand the camera over to her. I am hoping to try my hand at a tripod and a timer soon, but our tripod has been lent out to a friend and I am patiently awaiting its return. So, here I am with my sweet bigger boys.

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