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Collect beautiful moments.
wny maternity photographer

Collect them we did. This beautiful couple is expecting twins and mama-to-be is absolutely glowing.
I can’t wait to meet these two babies.  Aaron and Michelle, thanks for dodging the mosquitoes with me…these
photos were totally worth it!

This beautiful couple is awaiting the arrival of their first child.
How lucky am I to be a part of their journey and document it with my camera?

wny maternity photographer

‘My heart is like a fountain true that flows and flows with with love for you.’

wny maternity photographer

This beautiful woman is about to be a mama for the second time. The love is just all encompassing and I’m so honored to
be able to capture this incredible time in their lives.

buffalo, ny family photographer

I feel so blessed when I have the opportunity to photograph families multiple times and capture the essence of who they are at an exact moment in time. Our lives are ever moving and capturing the big and not-so-big moments with my camera is something I am very passionate about. I first met this family when the little boy above was just a few weeks old and now he is three years old and about to become a big brother. And, he is going to be a fabulous one at that! Kristie & Joe, thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of this beautiful time in your lives. I cannot wait to meet your little one!

“Love is life and life is love.” -unknown


buffalo, ny family photographer


I have been fortunate to photograph this beautiful girl at various milestones in her life. This photo shoot highlighted a sweet girl that can now walk and talk with ease. And most exciting of all, she is going to be a big sister very soon! I cannot wait. Victor and Stacey, thank you again for inviting me to photograph your gorgeous family and to share in these most special times. I’ll see you soon!


March 10, 2013

This mama-to-be could not be more beautiful. She radiates joy and love. She is in it with all her heart…waiting…expecting…preparing…cherishing each moment of this journey on her way to motherhood. I cannot wait to meet that precious babe in a few weeks.


April 10, 2012

This lovely couple is awaiting the arrival of their beautiful baby girl in just a few short weeks. I am honored to have captured this most beautiful time in their lives and to savor these moments for them.

Stacey & Victor, I had such a great time with both of you. Stacey, thanks for putting up with all the wind and the walking we did to capture these images. Looking forward to meeting that beautiful baby real soon.

As photographers, we can never predict the weather or the light, but we can always keep our fingers crossed and hope for gorgeous light. On this night, with this beautiful couple expecting their first baby in a month, the glow from the sky and from them couldn’t have been more perfect. I had such a great time getting to know these two special people who are about to welcome a beautiful gift into the world.

Tiffany & Matt, I hope you enjoy this preview of our time together.

I cannot think of a more appropriate set of images to share with you on Mother’s Day than these photos below. This beautiful mom-to-be was beyond radiant for our photo shoot. She truly glowed with joy, love, devotion and most importantly, anticipation. I am honored to have had the opportunity to savor these special moments in this couple’s life.

Colleen & David, thank you for our time together. I wish you, Colleen, a most beautiful first Mother’s Day!