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It’s been a while, but my series continues with some puppy lovin’…

Another installment.  Love this face so much.

My series continues…

Another sweet moment to savor in my ‘life lives here’ series.

I have another installment in my ‘life lives here.’ series.


Makes my heart happy.

I love the joys of summer…taking an unexpected nap in the middle of the afternoon; I don’t get to do it very often, but I love it when my kids do!

This is the second edition of ‘life lives here’ modeled after the California Closets ad campaign. Here is the first one. I hope to put this in an album at some point.

I love the ad campaign used by California Closets. Using the slogan, life lives here., they showcase a closet and give a bit of the background on the person to whom the closet belongs. Each time I see one of their new ads in my home decor magazines, it reinforces to me that we all have our stories and indeed life does live inside each of our homes, our closets, our backyards, etc. As a photographer and a mama, I hope to capture more of the ordinary moments of life with my camera, so I have decided to use the life lives here slogan and showcase some of the mundane, but oh so beautiful moments in my life and the lives of my children.