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wny family photographer

This family was meant to be photographed in autumn.  My camera and mother nature just adored them! These two brothers were the perfect superhero team and we had so much fun on this shoot.

williamsville, ny family photographer

As a mom to boys, I pretty much know what to expect from them, but this photo shoot was a bit different, because the boys were twins.  And were they fun! I loved watching them interact with one another and make each other laugh.  Though they deny being best friends, these images show there is no doubt that these guys are best buds and always will be.

buffalo, ny family photographer

Aren’t these two boys just the cutest things ever?

I know they are going to be great friends with lots of adventures in their future–and they have their sweet little doggie to join them!

wny newborn photographer

I have been blessed to have a front row pass to this family’s journey of growth. I photographed their first son when he was just weeks old, so what a gift to be able to return to photograph baby boy number two’s arrival. This new guy looks so much like his big brother and I can tell that they are going to be great buds. Kristie &  Joe, congratulations on this beautiful addition to your family and thanks for inviting me to be a part of this amazing time in your lives.

clarence, ny newborn photographer

I always say that I have the best job in the world–to be able to meet beautiful families and welcome their newest additions–doesn’t get better than that! Only this time, I was doubly blessed as I visited Sawyer at the hospital when he was 2 days old and then a week later we had a full newborn session at his home. He is calm, peaceful, and just utterly perfect. He is baby boy no. 4 for this family and is already loved and adored by those big brothers!

clarence, ny newborn photographer

Laura & Chris, congratulations! You have a beautiful family and I am so thankful that I was able to capture this special time in your lives.

“Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.”

-Marc Brown

And sometimes playing superheroes with your brother is really the best fun of all!

I have had the pleasure of photographing this lovely family several times before and what a joy it is to see how the boys have grown. It is hard to believe that nearly two years have passed since I first met them. We had lots of fun together this day as we looked for twigs and discovered huge colorful leaves.

Gen & Christian, thanks for a great shoot. You have such a beautiful family!

I have mentioned this several times here on my blog, but I do feel like I have the best job in the world. I love meeting new people, spending time with them and capturing the special relationships in their families. I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely family last week and it was so great to see the brothers interact…giving me a glimpse at what my boys will be like in a few years…and to see how much their parents love them.

Thanks so much to you and your family, Mary. I’ll be in touch real soon!

The theme for this week’s photography challenge on our 52-week journey, is appropriately titled, love, having just celebrated Valentine’s Day. My photo demonstrates the love that exists between brothers.  My middle son was home most of this week battling a flu-like virus, so he and his baby brother spent lots of time together. It is so sweet to witness the pure love and worship-like adoration a younger brother has for his older brother. Jack just adores Luke and follows him around wanting to be just like him. I loved this moment because Luke was reading a favorite book to Jack and it was just perfect. These are the moments that I am so grateful to have my camera close by. It’s the closest I can ever get to stopping time…even if for a brief moment.

williamsville, ny childrens photographer

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I am really enjoying this personal photography journey I am taking with 17 fellow photographers. I like the push and motivation it gives me to think and contemplate my image for each week’s prompt. This week was a bit tough for me. The prompt was signs. I initially thought of street signs, store signs, sign language, the peace sign, etc. but I just couldn’t formulate an idea of an image I wanted to take. Then I talked to my mom on the phone from Florida on my son Luke’s birthday and my mom was crying and having a bad day…she is homesick. She lives in Florida for the winter with her husband and struggles with the fact that all of her 6 children and 7 grandchildren are back here in Western New York. I felt so sorry for her and our conversation weighed heavily on my heart. So I decided to take the literal meaning of the word sign and photograph my boys with a sign for Grandma. The boys had a snow day on Wednesday, so it was the perfect opportunity to get them together and snap a photo for Grandma and my photography challenge. We will send this to Grandma for Valentine’s day…I think it will cheer her up!

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I am really looking forward to visiting all the other blogs in this circle and see what each of them photographed for signs. I hope you can too; you can start by checking out Jenn’s blog.