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Meeting you
was like hearing
a song for the
first time and
knowing it would be
my favorite.

I’m so glad I live in a world
with Octobers. —L.M. Montgomery
And that I get to capture faces like this…

When I look at you,
I see all the beauty in this world.


It’s amazing how quickly a year passes and how many changes occur during that time. I was visited once again by these
beautiful babies as they approach their first birthday.  The top image is from their newborn shoot a year ago…incredible!

one year later

Joy is the most magnetic force in the universe. -Danielle LaPorte

clarence ny baby photographer

You entered the world and our hearts burst with love.
WNY newborn photographer

In your eyes, I see all the beauty in the world.
WNY baby photographer

‘You are all things beautiful.’
WNY newborn photographer

He is loved beyond measure.

wny newborn photographer

It always pays
to dwell slowly
on the beautiful things
and the more beautiful
the more slowly.

clarence ny baby photographer