“Magic is something you make.”

Autumn is a magical time with nature’s colorful beauty all around us. Our photography circle’s theme this month was to purposely blur our subject. As photographers, we strive for sharp, in-focus images so it was challenging and fun to think out of the box for this theme. I spray painted some leaves gold and used them as the starting off point for my blurred images.

blog blurred lines

blog blurred one

To continue through our circle of photographers, please begin by visiting my talented friend, Allison Jacobs | Orange, County California Photographer. She is always so inspiring!

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  1. […] Our lives have been so crazy so I have been MIA for the last two months. It feels great to be back, but this theme was quite a challenge. I have never done anything like this before, which is going to shoot with the intention of getting out of focus images. I knew that because my image would be out of focus, I needed a simple backdrop with negative space. I begged my 7 year old to be my model this month and she finally agreed. The light was literally on the horizon when we started so we only had like 5 minutes to make this work. I got some shots of her just standing, but I wasn’t loving them. She loves to twirl around and so I asked her to twirl and twirl for me. She had so much fun. The wind was blowing and I love how her long hair looks in these shots. I must say I loved what I was able to capture. This has probably been one of my most favorites this year! Do not forget, there are other fabulous photographers who are doing the same theme. Be sure to check them out. Up next is  the amazing Melissa Deakin Photography | Williamsville, NY Photographer. […]

  2. OMG, LOVE THESE!!!! Did you spray paint the leaf gold? If so, that is brilliant. Perfect out of focus images!

  3. Haha! Sorry, just re-read your post. You did spray paint them. I love that!

  4. Love the fall feel to your images (and love that you were crafty & spray painted the leaves!!!). These are so great!

  5. Laura Veno says:

    I love these! So creative with the gold leaves. The colors are wonderful!

  6. Jessica says:

    Oh my gosh, I love how creative you were with these! Absolutely beautiful images!

  7. Christine b says:

    You are brilliant. Love that you spray painted the leaves. These are beautiful!!!

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