It’s Friday again and this week my  fellow photographer friends and I were challenged to take a whimsy photo.  According to the dictionary, whimsy means playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor. I dug through my archives for photos for this theme since I seem to be consumed by all things Christmas right now. And finding these photos was so fun. Over the summer, the boys found a toad and we brought it into the house and had a mini photo shoot with him. This poor toad had no idea what he was in for in our house!

Now you can continue through our circle of photographers by visiting my wonderfully talented friend, Emily and see how she captured whimsy.

9 Responses to “52 on Friday {whimsy} | Buffalo, NY photographer”

  1. heidi says:

    Oh my goodness…these are so awesome!!! LOL! Whimsy? Um, oh yeah. LOL! Seriously, I have to go find a toad and do this, lol!!! 🙂 I think he liked it…he is a super model.

  2. I am dying laughing over here! Poor frog! these are SO prefect for the theme, and SO much fun! I am sure your kids loved this!

  3. Hope says:


  4. emily horton says:

    We are obviously kindred spirits, as my photo has a kitten with a coke bottle cap on her head. I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS!!! They are pure whimsy and absolutely adorable!! My favorite is the crown…. wait… the top hat… no, the car!! I LOVE THEM ALL!

  5. Dana Cubbage says:

    OMG that is hysterical and so creative! Absolutely love this!

  6. Lisa Turner says:

    That is awesome! How in the world did you get the toad to sit still like that???

  7. Kate says:

    oh my word Melissa…I sure had a good laugh at the poor frog’s expense. 🙂 These are wonderful. Did you shoot these with a macro lense? I just ordered my first and can’t wait to play.
    Lovely whimsy post Melissa.

  8. Laurie says:

    Melissa these rock!!! You nailed whimsy.. love them all!!
    You give those boys such a fun creative outlook on life.. you ar a great mom!

  9. Debbie says:

    LOL..LOL.. oh gosh.. loooove your creativity. The driving part is my fave. !!!

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