This week, my photographer friends and I photographed an image representative of delicate. I love how the word delicate feels exactly that way…delicate when I say it. I immediately knew I wanted to photograph a flower for this word. I found this gorgeous creamy rose and loved photographing its folds with my macro lens.

Now, you can visit the blog of Jessica Richter and see her lovely interpretation of delicate.

6 Responses to “52 on Friday {delicate} | Williamsville, NY nature photographer”

  1. this is SO pretty! i always love your pictures of flowers

  2. Kate says:

    So beautiful Melissa….it pretty much sums up delicate if you ask me.

  3. Debbie says:

    Aaaww Melissa.. I almost took pics of roses too, if only the lighting in my apartment allowed me to do so last night. This is beautiful, Melissa. Love the close up of the ruffles!

  4. Dana Cubbage says:

    This is beautiful and the mood of the images are so great. Great interpretation!

  5. emily horton says:

    oooooohhhhhh…. this is breathtaking. absolutely gorgeous in every way.

  6. Laurie says:

    What gorgeous photo’s Melissa, I LOVE the layers of petals and the softness they invoke. I always have such a hard time capturing cream colors. These are perfect!

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