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wny photographer

As I have done in previous years, I am embarking on another photographic journey with some amazing
fellow photographers from around the country.  This year we are focusing each month on things we are
grateful for. For January, I focused on how grateful I am for the art of photography.
Photography has allowed me to grow creatively and to appreciate the beauty of the world around me
that I might otherwise have missed had I not been focusing on savoring the details of my life and my
place in the world.  Each time I look back at images I have taken, I glimpse a slice of my life that I can
never get back but am so grateful that I captured and preserved.
Please visit the other photographers in our group to be inspired and to see their journey of gratefulness.

First up is the amazing, Krista Keller | Danville, CA child, family, senior photographer

colorful beauties

It is a necessity for me to have fresh flowers in my home
during the winter months.  They brighten my day and make
me hopeful for spring.