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clarence, ny newborn photographer

Welcome to the beautiful world, baby girl.

Welcome to the sunshine.

Welcome to the quiet of night.

Welcome to the arms of your big sister.

We have been awaiting your arrival.

We’re so glad you’re here.

And just like that she entered the world

and everything appeared brighter,

more beautiful, more perfect

just like her.

clarence, ny newborn photographer

Our challenge for this month’s portrait session was to select a creative location and include a pullback. A pullback essentially means you ‘pull back’ by physically moving to show more of the setting and surroundings of the session–giving an overview of what of the rest of the location looked like. The location I chose isn’t necessarily ‘creative’ but it is a favorite place for me and my family. ┬áThese images were taken at Spaulding Lake which is a private lake in my in-law’s neighborhood. We spend lots of time here; my boys love to fish and swim in the lake, so it a favorite summer spot for us.

Portrait Project with Pullback

I wanted a timeless image of my youngest with our sweet dog, Maisy. I know I will treasure these! Please continue through our circle of photographers to see other creative locations and the pullbacks for each. You can begin my visiting my very talented friend, Suzanne Carey | Hattiesburg, MS Photographer. Her work is always so inspiring!