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April 22, 2013


clarence, ny newborn post

Is there anything more perfect in life than a new baby? I think not. This little boy is the newest addition to his family making him baby no.4! You can guarantee that he is going to be well loved and snuggled by his siblings. I had such a wonderful time snuggling with this little guy and savoring that new baby smell. Nicole & Pat, congrats on your latest addition. He is absolutely perfect. Thanks for inviting me to capture this most special time in your lives.


As a natural light photographer, I am always on the look out for ideal lighting situations to shoot in. And, who would think that the garage is one such place? For our project 12 portraits, we challenged ourselves to use garage light this month.

 garage light blogpost 2

Surprisingly, when my subject was facing me and my back was to the light source, it was too bright for him–all I got was lots of squinting and watery eyes. Therefore, we moved around a bit so the light is a bit more directional than I would have liked coming in from the right side. But, since I have to utilize my subject when he is a willing participant, we just rotated until he was able to give me that sweet smile that I adore.

To see how the other photographers in our group captured garage light portraits, begin my visiting my very talented friend who is always so inspiring, Krista Keller, Danville, CA child, family and senior photographer.