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It’s been a while, but my series continues with some puppy lovin’…

Recently I discovered this alpaca farm close to our house. At that time I was alone, so I took the boys to visit them last week. Unfortunately, we could just look from afar–the store was closed, but we still had the chance to observe these cool animals. How fun to have something so neat close by.

Vintage cameras make me smile. Vintage cameras + my Lensbaby make me happy! đŸ™‚


It’s another addition to our project 26 and this time our theme was story. I had great aspirations of photographing a story…lots of props, etc….but time got the best of me and so I settled for photographing one of my most favorite people in the world reading a story. His fake glasses crack me up; he reminds me of  Carl Fredricksen from the movie Up. Ultimately, I believe that every photograph tells a story.

To continue through our circle of photographers and view their interpretations of story, head on over to the fabulous, Heidi Adams.

I had the honor of photographing this beautiful girl when she was just days old, at 4 months and then just recently on the cusp of her second birthday (see the first image spread).  She was delightful to photograph each and every time and to see how much she has grown, yet stayed the same is such a wonderful experience for me as a photographer. Sienna has such expressive eyes and a giggle that is contagious.  I had so much fun with her and grandma!

Each and every time I take photos with my Lensbaby, I fall more in love with it.  There is a magical, ethereal quality that it gives to images that I just find so lovely. Here is my littlest holding some flowers…swoon.

So, this round for our project 26, we are taking photos with ourselves in them again, instead of behind the lens. Last month, I was photographed with my youngest, so this time around, I made sure to include the two older boys with me. Once again, I enlisted the help of my babysitter to take these photos. I set everything up and was happy to hand the camera over to her. I am hoping to try my hand at a tripod and a timer soon, but our tripod has been lent out to a friend and I am patiently awaiting its return. So, here I am with my sweet bigger boys.

To continue viewing all of the photographers in our circle, you can begin by visiting Heidi Adams. I am so excited to see what she has in store for us as she just welcomed her fifth beautiful son into the world a few weeks ago.  Congratulations, Heidi!