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It is week no. 2 for our Me & Mine group. This week we were to take faceless portraits. This is such a great concept–I love that I had to think of how I wanted to communicate the important details about my children right now without showing their faces.

1.) a little guy who is new to wearing underwear, but doing a great job 2.) the same little guy wearing some converse sneakers holding a favorite stuffed animal 3.) my middle guy who is obsessed with all things WWE  4.) my oldest who is currently learning to play the recorder 5.) my sweet scruffy Maisy Daisy

Now you can enjoy viewing the other photographers in our circle, beginning with the incredibly talented Orange County Photographer,  Allison Jacobs. I can’t wait to see her faceless portrait.

Well, I am two days past my 10 on 10 post, but that was for a good reason. Yesterday was Jackson’s third birthday, so I knew that I wanted to capture the day with my camera. Here’s a look at his special day!

It goes without saying that I LOVE my children, that I ADORE them, that I cannot get enough of them (well, sometimes I can), but when it comes to this guy, he is my go-to muse for practicing out a photography-related idea. He might complain a little bit, but I know that deep down he loves that I ask to take his photo. He knows that I rely on him because he will sit still and be goofy and wear props and give life to my ideas. And for that reason, I sat him down today before the last light of the day vanished and I just grabbed a few shots. I {heart} him so much.

Can it really be one year since I joined the other fabulous photographers and embarked on a weekly theme to photograph? It really is remarkable to me that one year ago, I took a self-portrait with my 2-year old Jack in our master bath and just today I snapped the same photo. What a difference a year makes…I think I am better with my white balance; the days of onesies are gone; my hair is longer; I am better at removing clutter before taking a self-portrait in the bathroom ;). But despite those differences, I still love to snuggle with this little man; he is still home with me (no school yet); and above all, I remain richly blessed.

And now, for one final blog rotation, you can begin by visiting the fabulous, Chrissy, of My Lily Rose, a Cincinnati Family & Child Photographer and see the self-portrait she took. Finally, thanks to all of my fellow photographers for this amazing journey we have been on together for the last year.

It’s a new year and that means a new chance to improve my photography and grow with fellow photographers.  I have joined a new group of amazing women and this year our focus is to make sure we are in more photos with our families. This could not be a more perfect challenge for me. Because I am usually the one taking the photos, I am rarely in the photos. But, that is about to change! 😉  This week I handed my babysitter the camera and had her photograph me with Jackson on one of the only snowy days we have had thus far this winter (just about unheard of in Buffalo).

This image is my favorite because apparently whatever I was saying was very funny. That exuberant laugh is totally him!

To continue through our blog circle, you can visit Heidi Adams and see her first post in our Me & Mine group.

Happy 2012!

January 2, 2012