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My boys have always wanted to decorate outside with multi-colored lights for Christmas and I have always preferred white lights for their simplicity. This year, they won and they are so happy. That makes me happy too!

It’s Friday again and this week my  fellow photographer friends and I were challenged to take a whimsy photo.  According to the dictionary, whimsy means playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor. I dug through my archives for photos for this theme since I seem to be consumed by all things Christmas right now. And finding these photos was so fun. Over the summer, the boys found a toad and we brought it into the house and had a mini photo shoot with him. This poor toad had no idea what he was in for in our house!

Now you can continue through our circle of photographers by visiting my wonderfully talented friend, Emily and see how she captured whimsy.

Using some of my favorite supplies–ribbon and photos to prepare for my Christmas wrappings.

We always celebrate St. Nicholas day and last night he visited our home and left us some special treats in our shoes.

Our house is beginning to look more festive and more decorations are added. This vintage truck happens to be one of my favorites.

I wanted to take some photos of our sweet puppy and have them made into address labels through Pinhole Press. I was happy to capture this face with her Christmas bow.

I think the photo says it all.

Today, I snapped some photos of Jackson with his favorite snow globe.  He loves them!

So, this week our theme was strangers. It was easy to procrastinate because it can be somewhat daunting to go up to a total stranger and ask if you can photograph them. And then today, I had the idea to go to my favorite coffee shop aka Starbucks and photograph either a couple or two women conversing over coffee. So, I pull into the parking lot and notice there are very few cars in the lot. I grab my camera bag and head inside to find one older gentlemen with headphones on working very diligently (not really the look I was hoping for) and a college student on the telephone. I couldn’t believe it.  I never walk into Starbucks in the middle of the afternoon without it being totally crowded. So, I decided to go with it and photographed the baristas in action!

We had fun! Now, please click through to the fabulous Chrissy, the Dayton Centerville Cincinnati OH Family & Child Photographer and see her take on this strangers theme.

I have decided that for this holiday season, I am going to take a photo-a-day leading up the Christmas and after the holidays, I will make all of the images into a book most likely using Blurb. I made a scrapbook in year’s past and they have become one of our favorite things to look at and reflect on. I decided to de-stress this project by simply taking a photo and adding a bit of text.