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This week for Friday’s 52-theme, we are exploring¬†body-scapes/body parts. This photo of Jack’s sweet feet was done all on his own. As is the case with most toddlers, this guy loves to ‘hide’ on his mama. He gets such a kick out of thinking he is really fooling me. So when I saw these toes sticking out from the couch cushion, I ran to get my camera as fast as possible.

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This was an impromptu photo shoot the other day. My little guy was wearing his favorite shirt and when I handed him these silly glasses, I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos.

Sigh….I just love this boy.

This week, my photographer friends and I photographed an image representative of delicate. I love how the word delicate feels exactly that way…delicate when I say it. I immediately knew I wanted to photograph a flower for this word. I found this gorgeous creamy rose and loved photographing its folds with my macro lens.

Now, you can visit the blog of Jessica Richter and see her lovely interpretation of delicate.

I was once again fortunate to photograph a young man whom I have had the pleasure of knowing since he was in middle school. And, here he is now, the president of his senior class, making plans for college and his future. He is a remarkable young man with great ambition and drive. Not only is he handsome, he is incredibly kind and polite. I know his parents are so very proud!


This beautiful girl has been in my life since she was in fifth grade. She has been a constant as my children have grown from babies to toddlers to young boys. She has babysat for me, been a photographer’s assistant to me, helped me with my mac computer, and countless other things. It is still surreal to me to think that now she is a senior in high school and she is embarking on a whole new chapter in her life. She is such a gorgeous girl and I love her like my own daughter.


I didn’t get a chance to post my ten images on September 10th so I am posting today. This is a glimpse into our daily life…a bit different now that school is back in session. The boys are wearing their uniforms in many of the photos and for part of the day, I only have one child home with me. There is also the rare occurrence of a photograph of me; Luke really enjoys taking photos, so I have been handing the camera over to him every once in a while and I become the model. We also took a walk over to our friends’ house to meet their new puppy, Cinnamon.

Happiness is a furry friend.

Now head on over to Jessica Richter’s blog to see her fabulous interpretation of happiness.

I had such a wonderful time photographing this gorgeous high school senior. ¬†I have watched her grow and change over the years and now she has become this lovely young woman full of life and joy. Her smile is so genuine…you can’t help but smile when you are around her.

These handsome guys are identical twins and we had a great time capturing some images for their senior portraits. It is always fun to get a glimpse into what my future holds with teenage boys.