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My series continues…

It’s Friday and this week our photography prompt is monochromatic. I had lots of ideas for this theme, but time got the best of me and it was quite a busy week. So, I must admit that this photo was pulled from my archives. It is a cupcake from one of my favorite local bakeries. I just love that little daisy on top; daisies make me happy and paired with a cupcake…that is perfection!

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I was going through some old photos for a little home project I’m working on and I was delighted to find so many photos that are even more special to me now that the subject is older and on to a new phase. This one I fell in love with because of that sweet giggle (and crazy hair) on daddy’s shoulder.

For our weekly photography challenge, we were to photograph something using a shallow depth of field. I found this explanation online and couldn’t think of a better way to describe it, so I am quoting here:

‘Depth of Field or DOF for short is a description of how much of your photograph is in focus. A shallow depth of field simply means that one specific area of your photo is tack sharp while other elements remain blurred.’

I decided to take my boys out for a mini photoshoot…shooting wide open. I did have all three of the boys with me, but the youngest was a bit distracted by the playground that was close to the field we were shooting at.  Hence, I photographed two out of the three. My oldest will be turning 9 in just a few weeks and when I looked at these images, I couldn’t help but notice how much he is growing up.  Our last year of single digits!

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I love when I have the opportunity to revisit families and see how much the little ones have grown and changed. I was lucky enough to photograph this sweet boy as a newborn, again at around 6 months and now most recently as a 1-year old. While he has grown and is much more mobile, that beautiful smile is exactly as I remember it. Look at his sweet toes as he is reading his books outside…just darling. And, such a gorgeous family!

The theme for this week’s 52 on Friday is summertime. Oh, how quickly summer passes; if only winter were the same! I guess that is why we look forward to summer so much…the beautiful blue skies, the flowers in bloom, swimming, eating popsicles, staying up late, etc. I photographed my niece a few weeks ago at a family party. To me this image is quintessentially summer–kids playing outdoors late into the night, tank tops, bubble gum, and sisters twirling behind you with a hula hoop. Life is good…ahhh, summer we love you so!

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I learned of this amazing project last month from some incredible photographers on the Bloom Forum. I knew this would be something I would love to do so I have started with the month August. For this project I am documenting 10 images from any day and posting them on 10th of the month. {Today is a day late, but I actually took my photos yesterday on the 10th.} It is to give a glimpse of life…of us…the ins and outs…the ups and downs…the good and the bad. I think this is such a unique and fun to way to chronicle our lives and what a wonderful album to create after a year or a year and a half of documentation.  So here it is…a day in our lives…August 10, 2011

tv in bed;  taking Maisy outside; packing to spend the night at Grandma’s; the playground; lunch at Starbucks; playing cars before nap; climbing a pole at the ice cream shop; playing catch; watching a movie in a living room fort

I was thrilled to be able to go across the border to Canada and photograph this family as they vacationed at the Buffalo Yacht Club in Point Abino. The weather and light were perfect and the setting was gorgeous. The children were so wonderful to photograph…they made each other laugh and were always ready with a smile.

It’s Friday and that means that I photographed my interpretation of nature along with 17 fellow photographers. One of the things I love best about summer is how the golden light just before dusk can make even a small field of wildflowers look like amazing. I set out to photograph some patches of wild purplish-pink flowers and was lucky enough to capture nature in action as a bumble bee visited the flower I was focusing on. Lucky me!

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