This week’s theme for myself and the 16 other photographers in our group was to photograph flowers...definitely one of my most favorite subjects to photograph. I need no excuse to purchase flowers for myself. In fact, when I am at the flower shop in our local grocery store, I am always asked if the flowers I am purchasing are a gift to which I reply, ‘they are a gift to myself.’ And, I mean that in the sincerest way. I treasure fresh flowers in my home. They bring beauty to our home and a smile on my face. So, flowers make me happy…yes they do!

Follow this link to the wonderful work of Shea Parker | Clinton, Mississippi Family Photographer and see how she photographed flowers this week.

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  2. Chrissy says:

    Beautiful images! Now I want to run to the store to pick up some pink roses!!!

  3. emily horton says:

    These images are so soft and beautiful. I especially love the bottom one with the reflections in the vase. Perfect processing. 🙂

  4. Kate says:

    What a lovely quote to go along with such beautiful flowers. You make me want to run to the store & buy a fresh bouquet of flowers. 🙂
    Such lovely soft processing and use of light.

  5. Krista says:

    As I stood in the rain most of the day I should have been thinking about your quote… Might have made it a bit more tolerable! Sweet images and beautiful pping!

  6. Kelly B. says:

    Beautiful, as usual! Love your depth of field and the quote you left us with. I will always try to have that in my heart so that every day is a great day!

  7. KellyW says:

    Beautiful! I love buying for myself too 🙂

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