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Thursday’s thought…

March 31, 2011

Have a lovely day!

This week our group of 17 other photographers and myself focused on close-ups. As most of you know, I love my macro lens, so I loved this prompt. However, when my options are limitless, I can get overwhelmed narrowing down my subject matter, but I chose to photograph a love of mine, coffee. I love my daily Starbucks. So, this is my ‘ode to coffee’…not sure I could live without it!


You can continue your close-up visual journey by visiting the fabulous, Jennifer Carroll who has some gorgeous photos for you to see.


This week’s theme is vintage. I am a lover of many things vintage, most notably, vintage cameras. I have amassed quite a collection in the last year and a half. I scour the classifieds each week for upcoming estate sales in hopes of finding various treasures including vintage toys, blankets, photographs, bowls, and of course, cameras. It truly is the ‘thrill of the hunt’ as they say. For this week’s theme, I paired a favorite Kodak Brownie camera with some vintage photographs that I have collected. I especially love the photo of the mom and her son…makes me think of the photographer who took it that had a passion similar to mine.  Vintage is cool!

vintage diptych williamsville, ny photographer

There are sixteen other photographers joining me each week and sharing their interpretations of our weekly theme.  You can visit the fabulous Cincinnati Children’s Photographer, Chrissy to see her take on vintage and continue hopping among the blogs until you return here.


This is such a great word in a photographer’s language. We are always looking for cool textures to use as backgrounds or for macro shots. For our photographic journey this week, we were to photograph texture. While many things came to mind, i.e. sea shells, tree trunks, blankets, pottery, etc. recently I have been photographing flowers with my macro lens and I am in awe of the beautiful folds of various flowers like roses and ranunculus. I chose to photograph a rose up close and I converted it to black and white to emphasize the texture even more.

williamsville, ny photographer

You can see how all of my fellow photographer friends interpreted this word and you can begin with the wonderful, Jennifer.

This week’s prompt for our weekly documentation was one of my most favorite words, books. Since I can remember, I have loved to read. I am passionate about books and have an addiction to them. I love all kinds of books: interior design books, photography books, autobiographies, cookbooks, chic lit., crafting books, etc. I usually visit Barnes and Noble at least once a week to peruse the shelves. I love the smell of books (I know I’m weird). For me reaching the end of a novel, usually involves a brief period of ‘mourning’…I’m sad to say goodbye to the characters whose lives I have encountered if only via the pages of a book. But the beauty is that there is always another book on the horizon.

This week I purchased a Lensbaby Composer, so I was excited to use it for this week’s image. Obviously I have lots to learn, but it is really cool and fun to experiment with.

williamsville ny photographer

Just a sampling of a few of my favorite books…

You can visit the lovely and talented Chrissy’s blog to see how she photographed books.