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The theme for this third week of our year long photographic journey was appropriately titled, warmth. I say appropriately because we saw record breaking freezing temperatures this week and that seemed to be the case across most of the country. This is what I think of when I hear the word, warmth.

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Is there anything better than a snuggly cowl neck warmer, warm gloves and hot cocoa to give you warmth?  For me that is the perfect recipe.

Now, hope on over to Jenn’s blog to see her interpretation of warmth.

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We picked up our sweet puppy on Saturday and it has been a spectacular weekend here for us. The boys just love their new doggie and I am thrilled to have another girl in the house, even if she is a girl puppy. We named her Maisy…her full name is Maisy Daisy Deakin. She is slowly getting used to her crate and going potty outdoors, but she has already brought us tons of joy.  We are in love!

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This week’s theme for our year-long photography challenge is ‘Shades of Red’. While many people are thinking of Valentine’s Day, we have something a little different on our minds here at our home.

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Can you tell what it is?

Yep, tomorrow we are picking up our puppy!  Yippee! We are getting a wire hair fox terrier. The boys are beyond excited! I am thrilled too. She is going to be photographed a lot so you will definitely meet her real soon.  Wish us luck!

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I think this mustache was made for this boy. He definitely loves to dress up and totally hams it up for the camera. I love to photograph him.

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I am thrilled to share with you that I am partaking in a creative photography adventure for the next 52 weeks with 16 other photographers. We have collaborated on a list of 52 themes, one for each week of the year. I will take a photograph that demonstrates how I interpreted the theme and post it on my blog each Friday.  Then below my image, you will see a link to another photographer who is also partaking in the challenge.  She too will have another link on her post.  You will love having the opportunity to hop from one blog to the next and see how different photographers were inspired by the same theme/prompt.  The talent in this group is amazing!

Our first theme for this week is self-portraits.  We thought this would be a great way to put a face with a name and really see who we are. It can often be difficult for photographers to reverse roles and be in front of the camera, but it is a great reminder to us of what we are asking of our clients.  My self-portrait includes me and my littlest guy, Jack. It is especially meaningful to me because he is giving me some love in this image.  I am first a mama & wife, then a photographer, so that is what I chose to share in my self-portrait.  I also included a favorite quote by Brian Andreas in my image. I am a lover of quotes…I have notebooks full.


Now you can enjoy visting Jenn’s blog and seeing her self-portrait.

Zelda is a beautiful English Mastiff that belongs to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law.  She and her mama paid me a visit just before Christmas. I always knew she was a big dog but seeing her in my home gave me a whole new perspective on just how big she really is.  Zelda was such a delight to photograph.  She is a gorgeous dog with a very sweet disposition.  Look at her eyes.

williamsville ny dog photographer

Thanks so much for sharing Zelda with me, Niecy!

I had a delightful time with this sweet baby boy.  He has the best baby cheeks and hair ever!  Check him out:

buffalo, ny newborn photographer

Julia, I had a wonderful time with you and your beautiful baby boy.  It was wonderful to meet all of you and tell your mom she is a great assistant!  I’ll be in touch when the rest of the images are ready.

We wish you a wonderful new year!

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