You are a soul full of stars.

Meeting you
was like hearing
a song for the
first time and
knowing it would be
my favorite.

I’m so glad I live in a world
with Octobers. —L.M. Montgomery
And that I get to capture faces like this…

When I look at you,
I see all the beauty in this world.


It’s amazing how quickly a year passes and how many changes occur during that time. I was visited once again by these
beautiful babies as they approach their first birthday.  The top image is from their newborn shoot a year ago…incredible!

one year later

You were made for amazing things. –Josh Hinds
clarence, ny senior photographer

Joy is the most magnetic force in the universe. -Danielle LaPorte

clarence ny baby photographer

You entered the world and our hearts burst with love.
WNY newborn photographer

In your eyes, I see all the beauty in the world.
WNY baby photographer

‘You are all things beautiful.’
WNY newborn photographer