This beautiful couple is awaiting the arrival of their first child.
How lucky am I to be a part of their journey and document it with my camera?

wny maternity photographer

“Oh life.
Thank you
for your beauty.
Thank you
for reminding me
how lucky we are
to be part of something
so big.”
-Tyler Knott Gregson

wny newborn photographer

‘To love is to receive
a glimpse of heaven.’
-Karen Sunde

wny newborn photographer

This beautiful baby girl is loved beyond measure.

wny child photographer

‘My heart is like a fountain true that flows and flows with with love for you.’

wny maternity photographer

This beautiful woman is about to be a mama for the second time. The love is just all encompassing and I’m so honored to
be able to capture this incredible time in their lives.

It’s time for the second installment of our Grateful Project.  This month I focused on our recent family trip to Quebec City. My son, Sean, competed in the 2015 Pee Wee International Hockey Tournament.  It was a fabulous trip.  Here are some of the highlights and my grateful thoughts.

quebec grateful post

To continue through our circle of amazing photographers, please begin by visiting Amber Norris Photography | MS Newborn and Child Photographer.
I love what she captured for this month’s Grateful Project–so beautiful and inspiring.

wny family photographer

This family is just the best! I visited them recently to document an adorable little person turning
one. It is always so much fun to see how these boys both have grown.  Big brother is really into GeoTrax
and of course, little brother wants to be doing whatever his brother is doing.  Life is good indeed!

wny photographer

As I have done in previous years, I am embarking on another photographic journey with some amazing
fellow photographers from around the country.  This year we are focusing each month on things we are
grateful for. For January, I focused on how grateful I am for the art of photography.
Photography has allowed me to grow creatively and to appreciate the beauty of the world around me
that I might otherwise have missed had I not been focusing on savoring the details of my life and my
place in the world.  Each time I look back at images I have taken, I glimpse a slice of my life that I can
never get back but am so grateful that I captured and preserved.
Please visit the other photographers in our group to be inspired and to see their journey of gratefulness.

First up is the amazing, Krista Keller | Danville, CA child, family, senior photographer

colorful beauties

It is a necessity for me to have fresh flowers in my home
during the winter months.  They brighten my day and make
me hopeful for spring.

‘You are the poem
I never knew
how to write
and this life
is the story
I have always
to tell.’
-Tyler Khott Gregson

wny newborn photographer